At Amazing Borneo, we believe in giving back to the community.

The following are some of the Corporate Social Responsibility efforts we have undertaken.

What is Project N.I.C.E?

N.I.C.E (Nurture, Inspire, Cultivate. Empower), is a CSR project to give back and to carry out humanitarian works to benefit and strengthen the people of the villages and communities of Mount Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysian Borneo) region.


This CSR Program is our guiding vision in improving the living qualityof Mount Kinabalu's Mount ain Guides. To achieve that aim, we have constructed N.I.C.E (Nurture, Inspire, Cultivate, Evolve), a platform offering workshop programs covering a broad range of professional training and development topics. As this CSR initiative focuses on improving the quality of living for Mountain Guides, we will be exploring the prospects of professional training in Guiding Knowledge, Safety Protocols and Soft Skills competency - an upgrade of skills that will ignite a natural chain reaction; Perked up professionalism, elevator visitor experience, instead influx of travellers through good reviews, more income opportunities and ultimately, an improved quality of living for Mountain Guides.