At Amazing Borneo, we believe in giving back to the community.

The following are some of the Corporate Social Responsibility efforts we have undertaken.


Mountain Guides

Amazing Borneo Tours is the leading licensed land operator in Sabah and Sarawak, Borneo, supported by Malaysia Tourism Board and Sabah Tourism Board.

With a vibrant, dynamic team of more than 100 employees as well as an impressive fleet of licensed transport vehicles, we provide a full range of tourism services - from Daily Day Tours, Mountain Climbing, Wildlife and Jungle Trekking Packages to accommodation booking, educational programs and conducting MICE Events.

In addition to providing excellent services, we believe in promoting sustainable tourism and we hold ourselves accountable and responsible for the environment, culture and the community. We are committed to our core values of integrity and commitment that call us to be a socially-responsible corporation who gives back to the community.So far, our team has extended our assistance during times of crisis by raising funds for our mountain guides as well as by donating water supply during the Ranau flash flood recently.

In the future, we are looking into collaborating with local communities to execute projects that benefit them.

What is Project N.I.C.E?

N.I.C.E (Nurture, Inspire, Cultivate. Empower), is a CSR project to give back and to carry out humanitarian works to benefit and strengthen the people of the villages and communities of Mount Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysian Borneo) region.

What is School For Life - Mount Kinabalu Guides?

This is a project that will span over 5 years, which offer workshop programs covering a broad range of professional training and development topics. This CSR project has the vision of improving the living quality of Mt. Kinabalu’s Mountain Guides. To achieve that aim, we will be exploring the prospects of professional training in Guiding Knowledge, Safety Protocols and Soft Skills competency—an upgrade of skills that will ignite a natural chain reaction; Perked up professionalism, elevated visitor experience, increased influx of travellers through good reviews, more income opportunities and ultimately, an improved quality of living for Mountain Guides.

Why Mountain Guides?

Mountains are the gateway to some of life’s most powerful experiences. Mountain Guides, the backbone of the expedition. When you’re summiting Mt.Kinabalu in complete darkness at 4am, their roles extend far beyond-- they are mentors, protectors and motivators. In the case of our Mountain Guide Robbi Sapinggi, and Joseph Selungin that perished in the heroic act of protecting climbers when the Mt.Kinabalu earthquake struck, Mountain Guides would even go as far as risk their lives in the line of duty. Undoubtedly, they are the ones who truly help shape the Mount Kinabalu experience.

In an outdoor setting that is both physical and emotionally demanding, a Mountain Guide’s ability to relate with climbers from diverse backgrounds, age and experience level is highly valued. However, the requirements needed to legally certify a Mountain Guide does not guarantee quality. Experience and a constant upgrade of skills do. With an average of 40,000 to 50,000 climbers eager to scale Mt.Kinabalu yearly, we recognise the crucial need for developing the fluency of skills needed to empower the communicative roles of Mountain Guides.

Amazing Borneo Initiatives

The Amazing Initiative is a crowdfunding effort initiated by Amazing Borneo Tours & Events to help raise funds for its mountain guides, following the tragedy of the magnitude 5.9 earthquake that hit Sabah in the morning of June 5, 2015.

This crowdfunding effort is one of Amazing Borneo Tour’s corporate service responsibility (CSR) effort to ensure that the mountain guides who make their living entirely on Mount Kinabalu will receive the sustenance they need to survive. It is part of the company’s effort to prove that they put their team as priority in every way.

So far, the initiative has raised more than RM100,000 for its mountain guides who were tragically killed in the earthquake. Amazing Borneo Tours seeks to ensure that the family / dependents of our fallen heroes will get all the help they require throughout their bereavement period.