Volunteers are an integral part in every community projects. At Amazing Borneo, we encourage more volunteers from around the globe to come help with our local community.

We create a platform and aid them in the field that they are interested to contribute. Amazing Borneo aims to be a socially-ethical organization committed to a sustainable model of learning and cultural exchange. As such, the following are some of the projects we did in collaboration with schools from all over the world.

Collaboration with The American School Of Dubai

23 - 25/2/2013

The beautiful island of Mantanani is one of the most popular tourist choice when it comes to beach destinations in Sabah. Together with Amazing Borneo’s staff, 24 students and four teacher from The American School Of Dubai relived the more glorious days of the Mosque in Mantanani Island by giving it a fresh coat of paint. It was an All-Hands-On project as students and teachers alike got sweaty and messy covering the mosque’s fences and exterior walls. It was a memorable and hearty experience, as the villagers surprised us with refreshments, thereby creating an opportunity for a cultural exchange.

Mountain Guides

During the event, our company took the chance to donate more than 200 kg worth of rice to the families in need on the island. The families in need came from different background; with some disabled kids and single parenting homes. It was heartening to see how our little contributions were received with much gratitude and happiness.

Mountain Guides

We ended the event with spirits renewed, hearts filled w satisfaction and a thank you note from Mohd Tahir Ismawi, Village Chief of Mantanani Island.

Collaboration with Greenridge School , Singapore.


Real Education is not confined to the classrooms. We believe exchange programs build character, develop social skills and fosters friendship. International learning and knowledge propels students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives. Through the exchange programs that we have helped organize and coordinate, students are able to broaden their general knowledge and learn from one another.

On 18th of March 2014, the staff and cohort of Greenridge School set off to SK Mantob Primary School (transportation and logistics from Amazing Borneo Tours). They were given a warm welcome with the traditional Sumazau dance. We started the program with the headmistress’ welcome remarks, after which , the students and teachers of Greenridge School did their introduction and sharing session. During the session, English language was used and encouraged as part of the program’s objectives was to encourage students of SK Mantob to embrace the English Language.

As part of the CSR initiative, Amazing Borneo provided the raw materials of wood, tools and paint for the making of shoe racks. The 15 year old students and their teachers came together to assemble shoe racks for the school. It was definitely an eye opening experiences for the Singaporean students, having observed the basic lifestyle and needs of the village kids. Many of them went home feeling grateful and more appreciative of the simple things in life.


Following the success of the previous experience, Amazing Borneo once again organized another similar event with Greenridge School, Singapore. The objectives were similar , but with some changes made to the activities.Once again, AK Mantob Primary School was chosen for because its setting encouraged students involved to reflect on the learning exposure. To kickstart the day, the Singapore students organized and led some friendly games relating to English and Science. The games created and allowed opportunities for an amiable exchange.

It was also one of our objectives to help improve the basic facilities of the school. Thus, following the footsteps of the previous experience, we once again provided the raw materials of wood, tools and paint. This time however, wooden bookshelves were made instead, having observed the lack of it from the previous experience. As the students and staff of Amazing Borneo set about assembling the shelves, unconsciously, this is the kind of experiential learning not taught and offered when desk-bounded in the classroom. It is through such exchanges that produces the most positive learning outcomes--learning from the heart.